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Spotify’s New Filipino Shows Remind Us Of The Allure Of Radio Shows

Before personal listening devices (or now cell phones) became the norm, we grew up at the mercy of the designated DJ of a moving vehicle. The commute to and from school etched into us lifelong memories of radio station IDs, talk show hosts, boring commercials and the occasional hit song we craved for. hear. For some, that feeling is long gone – partly because no one is going to school anymore – but also because we are now used to hearing our favorite songs when we want to.

Streaming platform Spotify brought that sentiment back through its new Music + Talk experience, which brings together music tracks and spoken word commentary into one neat aural package. Newly launched in the Philippines, listeners can now enjoy an array of locally produced shows by well-known Filipino creators that add more context and depth to the songs we love.

While there is a growing library of global Music + Talk shows on the app, Spotify’s local selection includes the following shows: “Soundtrip with Jugs & Teddy,” a podcast in which “It’s Showtime” hosts and Jugs musicians Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz study some of OPM’s greatest hits and the stories behind them. In the first episode, “Songs that Made Us”, they talk about their first awareness of OPM, growing up in an environment where their music was mostly foreign. Some notable songs include “Beautiful Girl” by Jose Mari Chan and “Tell Me” by Joey Albert.

“Makinig Ka Muna with Jim & Saab,” a sort of hybrid advice column / listening show where they respond to letters sent by their listeners and recommend songs that might help them get through tough times. For the first episode, titled “When Your Boyfriend Has No Ambitions,” they create a playlist for a letter sender who is fed up with his relationship with his “Tramp Boyfriend”. Expect Death Cab songs for Cutie, The National and more.

Finally, “Worms Upon a Time: An Itchyworms Podcast,” in which local band Itchyworms delves deep into their favorite tracks over the past two decades. The first episode focuses on their new song “Eto Na (Ang Maliligayang Araw)”, released just in time for their 25th anniversary, and covers their influences and songwriting work. The group even quarrels with humor about which part of the song is the first verse of the chorus.

Although podcasts have been available on the platform for a long time, the new Music + Talk setup also adds a cool feature to the interface: under each episode summary, listeners can easily access the song currently playing in the episode. (In the case of the first episode of “Makinig Ka Muna,” the highlighted tracks are separated into several parts, in order to identify which song corresponds to each letter on the show.) More than anything, Music + Talk might just help. deepen our appreciation of local music. history and shed light on the work of Filipino songwriters and composers. It’s a great mix of on-demand listening and, again, letting a DJ guide us to songs that might unlock something new in us.


Music + Talk is available for premium and free Spotify listeners.

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