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MQA, BluOS, and Radio Paradise Bring High-Resolution Audio to Internet Radio

Lenbrook International – owner of Bluesound, NAD, PSB Speakers and the high-resolution multi-room streaming platform BluOS – has announced a new hi-fi internet radio station exclusively for BluOS products.

The new service, launched in association with MQA, will see Radio Paradise, a listener-supported internet radio station, deliver MQA-encoded audio over its four mix channels, using high-resolution 24-bit masters when they are. available. This collaboration marks the first time that an Internet radio station will broadcast MQA content. MQA technology notably powers the high-resolution Tidal Masters on Tidal, while the high-resolution MQA hard files are also available for download.

All BluOS devices will receive an update in April 2021 to enable Radio Paradise MQA as a native music streaming option. It will also be included as standard on all future BluOS-based devices from hi-fi brands such as Bluesound, NAD Electronics, DALI Loudspeakers, Monitor Audio, Roksan, Peachtree and PSB Speakers.

Radio Paradise started broadcasting its main internet channel in 2000 and offers eclectic music mixed by DJs with a focus on high quality sound. Three more mixes – mellow, world and rock – have also recently been added to its service.

Speaking about the collaboration, Bill Goldsmith, Founder of Radio Paradise, said: “As music lovers and audiophiles ourselves, it was an eye opener to hear the difference in music performance when encoded in MQA, even when only 16-bit / 44 kHz masters are available. .

“The BluOS team is 100% committed to delivering high resolution audio directly to the listening room and has long supported our work at Radio Paradise. Our shared values ​​for premium sound make this collaboration a completely natural evolution. “


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