Song Review: The Cube – Ummet Ozcan

Song Review: The Cube – Ummet Ozcan

Miss Ampz

July 23rd, 2013

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There is no doubt that Ummet Ozcan knows how to make a banger. From my first exposure to him a couple years ago with his release, ‘Reboot’ on Doorn Records, to his latest song, ‘The Cube’ on Spinning, it is obvious that he knows how to make a song for the masses who like to jump. But this statement is especially true for the latter song mentioned – although it is high energy and has quite the drive, it is aimed at the generic masses, so that any DJ -from a trance 2.0 DJ to an electro-dub DJ – could fit it anywhere in their sets. I feel it is too generic and targets too many audiences so it gets lost in the scene. I do not see it being a very memorable song, but that’s not to say it isn’t good. Like many other producers, Ummet went from working comfortably with tech-trance sounds to the realm of combination, ‘cross-over’ songs. Nonetheless, it is a decent song, and I could see it as a good song to warm up a crowd in the club with its first buildup, because of it’s very pronounced drum kicks and beats. It just contains a lot of sounds that producers of this era will add to songs, purely because they know they will sell and will make a crowd ‘lose it’.

I see other of Ummet’s offerings to be more memorable and powerful – such as his last release with DJ Ghost entitled, ‘Airport’, that has a very bouncy yet driving beat. I do praise Ummet in general though, for including some of the craziest sounds you will hear in trance-electro-house-dub songs around. I did however confuse the title of this song, ‘The Cube’ with another recent release of his, ‘The Code’ with W&W, that made me double-take to see if I already had the song or not. Regardless, I could see this song becoming a massive festival hit like the Code, Airport and others because it’s popular appeal… at least for a couple of weeks.

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