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Hanging up the Headphones – Retirement

Hanging up the Headphones – Retirement

Barry Rooke

September 25th, 2014

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Everything must come to an end (to use a cliché), but it’s true and after almost 15 years I have decided that it is time to retired Amplified Radio and DJ Ampz. I’ll be taking the summer to close up shop, and I will play a bunch of last events and finishing the show up on our 15th year anniversary show which will air at the end of August.

In the spring of 1999 I got my first computer and started to fiddle with making sounds on the computer. I called myself “DJ Ampz” (Still don’t know why) and was told a DJ plays music not makes song so I was told to take a trip into Toronto to host a radio show with a Toronto radio show host “DJ Luftpost”. Needless to say I was 14 or so at the time and told that was not happening from my parents so I went to CFRU and within two weeks started my own radio show in August of 1999. Since then, the show has grown and been featured as a resident on over 50 stations around the world and is currently on 8 FM and about 10 online (some of which have been with me pretty much from the start).

It’s been a very enjoyable ride, and its more the bumps, grind and age that has me loose the spark for the weekly show and pushing the alias, so rather than force it and lose interest in the music, it is time to move on. I will still play locally and do the odd mix here and there, but I think it’s just time to move on. The show will be wrapping up leading up to the 15th year, so Episode 722 on August 26th will be our last event.
Here are some more fun numbers on both Amplified Radio and DJ Ampz:
Amplified Radio (Currently on Show #709)
4 Hours in Length weekly and have not missed a show since October of 2003.
Amp Radio Extra Guest DJs – Over 1100 unique DJs.

Upcoming “Hanging up the Headphone Series” will include a few dates (more to be added):
June 21 – Bobby O’Brians (Afternoon), Summer Lights Festival (Evening) and Pig Roast (Late Night) Kit/Waterloo *3 Gigs
August TBA – 15 Year Show

Artists I have hand a chance to open, close or share the stage with directly:
Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Wippenberg, Blake Jarrell, Andy Moor, Glenn Morrison, Preach, Kenneth Thomas, Elevation, Noel Sanger, Zoo Brazil, Mike Shiver, Airwave, Mike Foyle, Jon O’Bir, Steve Aoki, Hatiras, MC Flipside, Sydney Blu, Marcus Schossow, Tritonal, Macca, Mark Oliver, Carlo Lio and many more in over a hundred venues

Venue’s I have played at:
Denim/Ragin Caygeon/Guelph Concert Theater, NV Lounge, Brass Taps, Opus, Albion, Ebar, Tabu/Underground, Gator Petes, Loft/Tree house/Van Goghs, Vinyl, Atmosphere, GEMF

Beta, Purple Room/Revolution, Elements/Fire Room, Wax, Rude Native, The Vault/Titanium, The Sanctuary, The Turret, Filthy McNastys, Opus

Skybar/Levels, Lan Sanng Lounge

Guvernment/Acid Lounge/Gallery, Viva/Rio, Vola, Comfort Zone/Silver Dollar, System Soundbar, College Street Bar, Harmony Lounge, WEMF, Beba, Kool Lounge, Sutra Lounge, Touch Lounge, Gin Lounge.

Barking Frog, Coliseum

O’Ultra Lounge

Empire Lounge/Le Roi


Spin Room inside Dirty

Dream, Ora, Pure Ultra Lounge, Aerobar

Hong Kong



Host of, Barry Rooke

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