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Upcoming Event: Electric Island Toronto

Upcoming Event: Electric Island Toronto

Miss Ampz

July 18th, 2013

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If there is only one more event you attend for the rest of this seemingly quick summer, I would highly recommend it be Electric Island – a four part series done on holiday weekends, on Toronto’s Centre Island. The event will take place on Monday, August 5th, and it will feature Soul Clap, Hot Since 82, and legendary Toronto producer and DJ, Green Velvet. If the last party on Canada Day, with Guy Gerber and Sasha, is any indication of how amazing this party will be, you should really be there to hear, witness and feel the surreal vibes for yourself. Ozmosis productions and his partners always puts on an amazing party, with the Canada Day event being a favourite for many local fans.  (It will also be streamed live on Way Of Acting if you cant make it out as the last one was)

The event is licensed, with multiple gourmet foods also available for picnicking. One of the best aspects of this event, is that the crowds are older and more mature, so you don’t have to deal with the more younger, ‘trendy ravers’, who tend to ruin a lot of other events (ex. the bro-ravers you’ll find at VELD on that weekend) for those who truly appreciate the music, and can hold themselves together after a couple drinks.

This is truly one of the best parties you could go to all summer, we at Amplified Radio can guarantee. If you enjoy the more chilled, darker side of EDM, that progresses slowly and smoothly, this is where you should be. It also helps it is outside, in a relaxed venue, so you enjoy the summer sun and actually have some breathing room. It is very reasonably priced, at $23.50 a ticket (that includes the ferry over) or $17.50 without the boat lift.

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