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Amplified Radio Presents is the 5th generation of Amplified Radio, a Canadian syndicated radio show since 1999. Hosted by Barry Rooke, Amplified Radio Presents: features 9 different “styles” of show, all mixed live, released twice a week for radio play and podcast.  You can learn more about each iteration of the show by clicking the links below, and find out where to hear the sets on FM and Internet radio by going to our “showtimes” page.

Each week, there are two hours featuring Canadian artists, producers and djs in all genres around electronic dance music (house, trance, techno, progressive, minimal, deep house, tech house, etc).  Each show is Canadian Content friendly (i.e. at least 35% of material being aired is Canadian, and is mixed by a Canadian [Except for special live shows]), and looks to showcase the talent that Canadians have in the electronic scene.

The 8 Show types are:


History of Amplified Radio:

Amplified Radio started at CFRU, 93.3 FM in late august of 1999 when a 15 year old Barry Rooke (Going as DJ Ampz) joined the University of Guelph Campus/Community Radio station and launched a show.  Running Mondays at 4pm EST, the show featured electronic dance music from around the world, and shortly into 2001 shifted to a two hour show, featuring “The Deep Chill” (A downtempo and chillout show), in hour two.

See the page for September 22 2002


In 2003, Barry relocated to Kitchener, Ontario to attend radio & TV Broadcasting, and relaunched the show on CJIQ 88.3FM with a new format, top 5 with a canadian feature, followed by two guest mix sets (Trance and House) for a total of 4 hours (The Deep Chill later re-started in 2005 for a year on its own).  At this time, re-broadcasting of the show started to happen, as internet stations around the world started to pick up the weekly show as a second version of the website launched.


See the page for February 26 2004.

In 2005, the show continues to grow and launched into its third website.  By this time, the show was on 9 stations around the world, launched a live, “all request” monday night show and shifted to a full two hour mixed version for the regular show (no longer having a weekly top 5, but shifting to a monthly top 10).  At this point, DJ Ampz was interviewing world class dj’s on a weekly basis, incorporating their stories, thoughts and sounds into the show.


See the page for March 7 2005

A fourth iteration of the radio website launched in the fall of 2005, which stuck with the station for over 14 years.  The site itself databased and archived every guest mix and tracklisting.  The success of the show lead Barry to extended residency sets around Southwestern Ontario, including the opportunity to play some large events and cover bigger festival’s like WMC.  The format of show adjusted shortly after which moved to two dedicated hours, the first all house, the second all trance (with subsequent trance and house guest mixes).  This format continued for close to 8 years straight, with a small shifting in format but essentially ran this format until the show wrapped up in September of 2014 after 725 episodes.


See the Page for October 1 2007










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